Enhancing Cybersecurity Transparency with New SEC Regulations

The New SEC Regulations– An Overview 

In a decisive move to strengthen the security of financial markets, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has mandated that public companies must swiftly disclose any significant breaches that could impact investor trust and market stability. This directive highlights the critical need for ongoing transparency and robust cybersecurity measures, especially as the reliance on cloud services and SaaS applications grows. With cyber threats on the rise and SaaS platforms becoming integral to operations, companies are required to adopt a more strategic approach to their cybersecurity practices. 

Download the whitepaper and the checklist.

Ongoing Security Management Approach  

Navigating these new SEC regulations presents significant challenges, particularly due to the rapid nature of required, detailed reporting, along with the differences in SaaS products. To be ahead of those challenges, SaaS security should be implemented as an ongoing approach, and managing the SaaS eco-system is the game changer when it comes to the detection and accurate reporting of security incidents. 

The Suridata Difference

This is where Suridata steps in as an indispensable partner in the SaaS security landscape, providing the solution that allows organizations to effectively meet the SEC’s stringent cybersecurity disclosure rules. By enhancing visibility into entire SaaS ecosystems, including shadow and third-party applications, Suridata enables a proactive cybersecurity approach. More than just aiding in immediate reporting requirements, Suridata strengthens the overall SaaS security measures through detailed management of third-party app risks, thus ensuring ongoing compliance with SEC standards. 

As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, the complexity of adhering to regulatory standards intensifies. Vigilance in security practices, particularly concerning the widespread use of SaaS applications, is crucial. Partnering with Suridata equips organizations to face these challenges head-on, protecting their critical assets and reinforcing their commitment to investor trust and regulatory compliance. 

Read the whitepaper and download the checklist to understand how to implement a SaaS security practice, that will not only help you prepare the report the day after but to prevent you from writing it in the first place.  

Haviv Ohayon

Co-Founder & COO

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