About Suridata

We Are Committed to Helping Companies Secure Their Use of SaaS Applications, With Automation, Accuracy and Simplicity.


Suridata’s vision is to help organizations by creating a security perimeter for SaaS applications.​


Suridata’s mission is to enable businesses that rely on SaaS applications to continue its operation smoothly, by rooting out security risks before they grow into security breaches.​

Suridata not only promises.
Suridata delivers.

Suridata provides a single consolidated, environment-wide overview of your SaaS security posture in near real-time.

Suridata maps all configurations, third-party Integrations and user-behavior of SaaS applications and seeks out potential gaps.​

Suridata monitors, analyzes and exposes the root causes of security threats so they can be removed before they grow and become a liability.​

Suridata applies business logic to remediation recommendations to allow you to prioritize your efforts and make the least impact on business continuity.​

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