AI Security

The Challenge

Generative AI technology enhances business productivity by automating tasks, streamlining operations, and fostering innovation across industries, but it also creates a new class of security risks.

Possible risk exposure includes a potential for data breaches, as sensitive information used to train models could be exposed; maliciously crafted AI-generated code that may introduce vulnerabilities or backdoors, risking system integrity; and biases in AI-generated content that may perpetuate misinformation and false data.

With AI being outside the skillsets and infrastructure capacities of most organizations, Generative AI tools are mostly external services and 3rd party applications that can be easily adapted and used. As such, AI app and plugins create the potential for sensitive corporate data to be processed and stored with external vendors without encryption, anonymization, or granular access controls.

The Solution

Suridata’s SaaS Security platform can identify places in your SaaS ecosystem where Generative AI tools are in use. This is achieved by scanning all your SaaS apps and flagging AI tools, either as an app-owned AI capabilities or as a 3rd party AI plugin that was integrated with the SaaS application.
Once the platform has identified a security risk related to the use of Gen AI, it provides a comprehensive view into the risk level of each tool as well as the user who authorized it. This allows you to communicate with those users and create workflows to revoke access, educate and reduce the risk.

Business Values

Control the Use of Generative AI Plugins

Identify which tools are being used with Gen AI, monitor their usage, and take action based on their security risks.

Revoke Access to Unauthorized Plugins and 3rd parties

Remediate risky and unauthorized Gen AI plugins using Suridata’s auto remediation.

Automate your Security Workflows

Using no-code/Low code workflows, easily automate your security analysis and control of Gen AI tools.