SaaS Misconfiguration Management

The Challenge

SaaS misconfigurations can lead to serious risk exposure. Difficult to check and highly variable, they open the door to breaches, unauthorized access, data leakage, lateral movement between SaaS apps and ransomware.

Each SaaS app comes with a range of possible configurations. This is usually a great advantage for administrators to adapt SaaS apps to meet the company’s business needs. On the other hand, the wide scope of configuration options, also creates security risks.

Part of the problem is simply the scale of what the SaaS organizations have. If a company is using hundreds of SaaS apps, and each app has dozens of settings to configure, the result is an environment with hundreds of potential misconfigurations, making manual management a non-realistic option.

Another aspect of the problem is the reliance on default configurations. SaaS vendors, naturally, wish to make the use of their services as easy and smooth as possible. As a result, the default security configurations tend to be more lenient, and if left unchanged, they will pose a security risk for the organization.

The Solution

Suridata’s SaaS Security platform mitigates misconfiguration risks by continuously monitoring the configuration of every SaaS app in your ecosystem. The platform is able to detect misconfigurations and suggest remediation processes while enabling workflow creation. It ensures that each misconfiguration can be remediated in a timely manner, reducing the attack surface in the process.

Business Values

Risk Prioritization

Respond to the most critical risks first based on a risk score that incorporates factors like business impact, best practices, and compliance.

Remediation Guidance

Have your SaaS misconfiguration risks remediated easily by leveraging our best practices and workflows directly from the platform.

Ensure Compliance

Address configuration aspects of compliance frameworks and regulations by using the platform’s automated compliance audit.