Our Story

Suridata.ai was founded by seasoned privacy experts in order to simplify the privacy regulation compliance journey.


To equip companies with the right tool to comply with GDPR, CCPA and other privacy regulations.


Independent, secured and isolated, agentless solution that is based on proprietary AI. 


Our Technology

Automatic Policies and Reports

Regulation conditions and notifications on any violation.

Automated DSAR and breach reports to comply with requirements.


Scan all unstructured and structured data in order to find PII.

Low False-Positive, easy integration and queries ability.

NLP and ML

Using Advanced AI algorithms, Suridata.ai's solution discovers and classifies to categories all PII found in unstructured and structured data.



Agentless solution that scans all data

and maps sensitive data on-premise and cloud to discover security and privacy issues


Uses proprietary AI to identify sensitive information, find PII and categorize structure and unstructured data


Finds violations to meet regulation and to answer DSAR easily with automated report creation


Meet The Team

Haviv Ohayon

Lee Kappon



Meet The Advisory Board

Eli Vidavsky

CISO, Deloitte IL

Prof. Roi Reichart

Yuval Yelin

Dr. Davey Disatnik

NLP & ML Expert, PhD

Managing Partner, DNR

CISO, Monday.com