Triple Threat: Third-Party Apps Lead to Breaches at Three Finance Leaders  


In the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats, the financial services sector has recently encountered a series of sophisticated attacks. This article delves into three notable incidents, underscoring the pivotal role of third-party applications in these breaches. 

First American’s System Shutdown

The cyberattack on First American, a leading title insurance provider, led to a significant system shutdown. Following a 2019 data breach, attackers exploited vulnerabilities in a third-party application, accessing sensitive customer documents and credentials without authentication. Suridata’s SSPM solution, with its advanced discovery and alert capabilities, could have been instrumental in averting such risks. 

Fidelity National Financial’s Disrupted Services

Fidelity National Financial experienced service disruptions due to a cyberattack that implicated the AlphV/BlackCat group. The attackers capitalized on the CitrixBleed vulnerability, extracting valid session tokens to bypass authentication and gain unauthorized access. This incident highlighted the necessity of vigilant security measures, particularly against sophisticated third-party app exploits. Suridata’s expertise in detecting unauthorized plugin access could have been crucial in preventing such breaches. 

Mr. Cooper’s Massive Data Breach

Mr. Cooper, a mortgage servicing firm, reported a breach affecting 14.7 million individuals. An unauthorized third party accessed technology systems, underlining the significance of enhanced security in third-party collaborations. Suridata’s comprehensive risk management approach could ensure high security standards among partners, preserving the integrity of customer banking information. 


The financial sector’s recent cyberattacks demonstrate the urgent need for dynamic and proactive security solutions focused on third-party application threats. 

Suridata’s SaaS Security solution provides any organization with knowledge about the third-party applications that are connected to its core applications, with full coverage of existing risks, users’ data, permissions, and the ability to perform actions in order to remediate risk. Suridata’s approach ensures business continuity and the safeguarding of customer trust. 

Shiran Rachman

Product Lead

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