GAIN VISIBILITY OF THE ORGANIZATION'S SENSITIVE DATA enables large organizations to identify sensitive business information and private data across all data repositories. Our machine-learning technology helps you gain full visibility over unstructured data, so you can easily identify, classify and protect sensitive data.

Enabling a technology leap in data protection, our Specula™ product understands what is sensitive to your specific organization. Running on cloud, on-premise and hybrid platforms, this product accurately discovers sensitive data without impairing business productivity .




As unstructured data growth explodes – with data scattered across network servers, cloud drives, workstations and laptops – finding and managing sensitive data has become a major challenge for CISOs and CIOs worldwide.

To meet their security and compliance needs, companies need to know what they have and where it's stored - without spending a fortune. At, we work very hard to make it easy for you to accurately discover, classify and protect your unstructured data.


Lee Kappon - CEO

Lee brings extensive management experience in both startup and corporate environments, with exposure to international markets. An entrepreneur and innovator at heart, she has initiated and managed development of innovative technological solutions for large companies.

Haviv Ohayon – COO

Haviv is a seasoned Cyber Security leader, with proven expertise in cyber defense and risk management framework implementations. Formerly head of cyber security at KPMG Israel, Haviv brings the security and the CISO point of view to everything we do.

Eyal Tirkel - CTO

Eyal is a veteran of the Israel Defense Forces' elite cyber security unit (8200). With a deep passion for technology and a geek's soul, Eyal has over 20 years of technology development experience at enterprises and startup companies.

Prof. Roi Reichart - NLP Leader

Roi has over 20 years of experience in NLP & Machine Learning technologies.  A recognized leader in data-driven methods, he is an Expert in context-based language learning and designing models that integrate domain and world knowledge with data-driven methods 

Eran Kot-Ofek - ML Leader

Eran holds a Ph.D in Physics and is an experienced Data Scientist.

Over a decade of Machine Learning research from various large organizations.

Eran is an expert in a variety of fields from signal processing to cybersecurity and NLP.

David Shusterman - R&D

A veteran of the Israel Defense Forces' elite cyber security unit (8200), David has extensive software development and cyber security experience for the military and international companies. He specializes in developing applications/products that work with big data and data analytics technology.

Greg Anderson- Data Privacy Advisor

Greg Anderson is a commercial, technology, and data privacy attorney with significant international experience.  He has led the privacy program for a multi-national manufacturer as Global Data Protection Officer and currently serves as Chief Privacy Officer for a publicly traded media company.


Yuval Yelin - CISO

Yuval is the CISO of

Yuval has over 20 years of experience in the information security industry. Has led and executed Information security programs in large enterprises

Omer Matityahu - Business Advisor

Twenty years of strong entrepreneurial and business experience.  Omer was a Co-Founder of Profitect that was acquired by Zebra Technologies and was the Co-Founder of Prifender

Emanuel Kanievsky - Business Advisor

Over 13 years of sales and leadership experience, an expert in the inside sales operation and proven track record from past responsibilities with Microsoft, Sisense, Samanage, SysAid and Ness

Guri Geva - Advisory Board

Over two decades of executive-level experience. Guri has led the global sales and business development of several high-growth startups through successful acquisitions. He specializes in innovative sales and business development techniques that deliver proven results

Ariel Cohen - Product Strategy Advisor

An experienced strategic product executive, with over 15 years of experience as part of Israel's high tech & startup ecosystem. Holds vast experience in B2B environment with proven track record from past responsibilities at Amdocs and LivePerson

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