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Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise, and effective data management and governance has huge business, security and compliance implications. As unstructured data growth explodes – with data scattered across network servers, cloud drives, workstations and laptops - finding sensitive data has become a major challenge for CISOs worldwide.

The lack of visibility and control over unstructured data has increased the risk of sensitive data leakage or exposure.

To ensure business continuity and mitigate risk, CISOs require intelligent solutions that can help them pinpoint and secure sensitive data.


Protect the Data

That Needs Protection

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​​Imagine how easy it would be if you knew exactly what and where to protect. lets you do just that. Our proprietary AI-driven technology enables CISOs to gain visibility over their crown jewels. We connect to your data sources, understand the true nature of what's inside and categorize it, so you can protect exactly what needs protecting. We precisely identify your sensitive information, enabling you to prioritize limited resources with optimal data security. 

Using proprietary NLP algorithms, autonomously discovers sensitive and private information across all your data sources. We use your specific data samples to train our system to find sensitive files. Running on cloud, on-premise and hybrid platforms, this solution fully protects confidential and private documents without impairing business productivity.

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High-accuracy discovery and complete visibility into sensitive unstructured data across all your data repositories



EFFICIENCY connects to your DLP, minimizing manual efforts with less false positives to save time and resources.

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Smart permission management based on the data itself gives you full control over data access


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