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Know Where Your Data Lives


As data volumes continue to skyrocket, enterprises are migrating to cloud-based infrastructure to reduce costs, simplify management, enable collaboration among workers at home and in remote offices. The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the importance of leveraging the cloud to support remote work models.


As companies migrate their data infrastructure to the cloud, CIOs require data management solutions that give them 360-degree visibility and insight into all their unstructured data across multiple sites and offices. This includes spreadsheets, documents, presentations and PDFs on network servers, workstations and laptops, as well as cloud drives (following migration).


...This is where Suridata fits in.

Our AI-driven discovery engine helps you to gain full visibility and control over your valuable data in any repository.


Using proprietary autonomous learning algorithms, our product discovers and protects your sensitive business data through a fully automated process. This level of visibility and control enables efficient migration of data to the cloud without duplicates and obsolete information, while enabling CIOs to decide what to keep on-premise and what to move to the cloud based on sensitivity.

SURIDATA data management



Suridata understands the true nature and context of your data, so you can efficiently control information across platforms. Suridata helps you save storage costs by illuminating dark data, detecting duplicates, and discarding obsolete data.

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Suridata classifies your data according to your operational context. Using an intuitive GUI, this classification lets you easily define automated data retention policies. The result is total control and an online view of where data resides at all times, for how long, and when and by whom it was used.




Smart alerts help you act and ensure that your policies and guidelines are met. Alerts on violations let you take action to prevent data leakage, mitigate security risks and comply with regulations.


Looking for an automated data management tool that provides complete visibility into your unstructured data so you can save IT resources and efforts?